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"I've heard you have been trying to be good, but sometimes you get into a little trouble. Just try your hardest to do what is right so I can bring you something very special for Christmas. On Christmas eve I’ll be flying all the way from the North Pole to your living room. My reindeer always get hungry so I hope you’ll remember to put out a carrot or two for them. Remember to be good! Merry Christmas my dear!"
"I am holding a long list with all the names of the girls and boys who would like presents for Christmas. And I see your name right here! My Chief Elf tells me you have been very good to your family this year. I’m so proud of you and I am telling my Elves to make a very special gift for you. Be kind to everyone and remember to always help others. Merry Christmas!"
"I am just checking my list and hoping you've been very good this year. All the Elves are working very hard to make fun toys for the good boys and girls all over the world. I’ve got some ideas for something special just for you but I need you to send me a letter with your list so I’m sure to get it just right. Remember to be good! Merry Christmas!"
"Wait a minute, shouldn't you be in bed already? What are you doing answering the phone? Now I can't come to your house to deliver your Christmas present uness you're asleep. And you do want Christmas presents don't you? I thought so! You've been so good this year, so go and climb into bed and close your little eyes. My reindeer and I will be there very soon, and we'll leave your presents underneath your tree right next to the milk and cookies you left out... You did leave out milk and cookies didn't you? Santa gets very hungry driving his big sleigh all night long, you know! Merry Christmas, and sweet dreams little one!"
"Good day! Have you ever wondered how Santa is able to tell who has been naughty or nice? *whisper* Well let me tell you a little secret.. hehe! It’s me! I’m Santa’s absolute favorite magic elf and he asked me to watch over you this year! Every night when you go to sleep I’ll use my special powers to fly back to the North Pole and tell Santa how good you’ve been. Two rules, though… I can only talk over the phone and you’re not allowed to touch me! If you do I’ll lose my magical powers! Oh no! Try to be good so I can come back tomorrow and you can stay on Santa’s nice list! I’ll be in a new spot every day so see if you can find me tomorrow! Merry Christmas!"
"Good morning! It’s me Santa’s favorite magical elf! Are you wondering where I am today? Last night when I returned from the North Pole I picked a new spot. Can you find me? Can you guess what I’ve been up to while you were asleep? Don’t forget, I can’t talk after this call and you’re not allowed to touch me or else I’ll lose my magical powers! Oh no! Do something nice today so I can tell Santa how good you’ve been when I see him tonight. Merry Christmas!"
"Hello there! It’s me your favorite magical elf! Last night when you were asleep I was working on my report for Santa and I may have gotten into a little mischief. Whoops! Can you guess what I’ve been up to? My job is very important but sometimes I like to have fun, just like you! Be good and listen to your parents today so I can tell Santa how good you’ve been. Remember I’m not allowed to talk after this call and you can’t touch me or else I’ll lose my magical powers! Oh dear! Have a good day today! Merry Christmas!"
"It’s your favorite magical elf again! I’ve had so much fun with you this Christmas. After you go to sleep tonight I’m going to fly back to the North Pole one last time and tell Santa how good you’ve been this year. He’s going to leave you lots of presents and maybe even a little something extra just from me. Thank you for being so good and I’ll see you next year. Goodbye, and merry Christmas!"

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